Able to Enjoy offers a new concept of products with CUSTOM REGENERATION: wheelchairs, wheelchairs for sport and many other unused products are recovered and regenerated to be new customized products following the fashion and design trends. The regenerated products are refurbished by qualified technicians and are put back on the market; this is very important because reduces the costly operations of waste disposal.
Able to Enjoy supports the new circular and social economy models, it promotes a new purchase proposal of wheelchairs and medical equipment.
With CUSTOM REGENERATION you can buy at affordable prices and also you can rent, for short or long time, wheelchairs and other products for practise sports; you have the possibility to play new sports as wheelchair tennis, basket, handbike, ski and so much more!

Able to Enjoy, in Partnership with Ferrero Med and other companies, promotes the Made in Italy and trasforms every products, according new trends, into a very special product.