Danilo Ragona


Designer designer, 41 years old, graduated from the European Institute of Design in Turin, he became an entrepreneur and documentary traveler to give life to his personal project of freedom and accessibility.
Although an accident forced him to use a wheelchair to move, Danilo is not lost in soul and has transformed his life into a creative laboratory.

Founded in 2006 A Made in Italy company able to enjoy and produce and market a series of products with an innovative design: first of all the multifunctional B-Free wheelchair with which in 2012 the Honorable Compass Award ADI gold and many other international awards.

Innovation, technology, personalization, identity, beauty, autonomy are some of the values ​​that distinguish those who are able to enjoy.

Danilo has always wanted to abandon the pre-packaged scheme from pure medical aid and uses design as a key to the integration between the differences.

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Our philosophy


If you think that the disability experienced on a wheelchair is a limit to a full, fun and colorful life ... get ready to change your mind!

"LIBERI DI ESSERE" is precisely the concept from which the company Able To Enjoy was born in 2006 to create a super light, handy, incredibly innovative, absolutely fashion wheelchair signed by designer Danilo Ragona. From medical aid to wheelchair to wear, from limit to possibility.






Able to Enjoy has always collaborated with established and prestigious companies with the aim of making available to its customers innovative products in line with new trends.